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Environmental Management Systems, Inc. offers our clients the team required to develop property with reason and responsibility. We are an environmental consulting, engineering and design firm utilizing a holistic approach to our clients’ development goals; be it residential, commercial or industrial.  By thoughtfully applying innovative technology and proven design techniques, the integrity of the environment as well as the public’s health & safety is maintained.

It's All About the Soils!

When EMS performs a site evaluation, one of many things we examine closely is the property’s soil conditions. For onsite wastewater treatment systems, we look at –
  • Soil texture, color, structure, and density indicate suitability for a drain field
  • Loamy soils drain very well while dense clay does not drain well
  • Poor or slow draining soils may appear gray, indicating seasonal highwater table
  • Oxidized irons may appear as red mottles, also indicating highwater table
EMS’s soil experts can evaluate your property accurately and help get you on the way to your property development goals.

It’s All About the Soils!

Open For Business in the Era of COVID-19

As Oregon and Clackamas County slowly begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions, Environmental Management Systems urges everyone to observe the Oregon Health Authority’s prevention recommendations for the benefit of all Oregonians. Our priority is the safety of our clients business and staff. following the best practices, CDC, and state prescribed guidelines is important at EMS.


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