Dock Expansion

Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery (Global Energy Partners)

Clatskanie, OR
2013 – Present

Expansion of an existing 1943 WWII Dock on the Columbia River. Existing dock is inadequate for use by modern Panamax Size Vessels. Degrading creosote impregnated piles need to be replaced with steel piles. Project scopes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Site Assessment: Site Reconnaissance, Review Existing & Proposed Facilities Aerial Photography, Bathymetry, Sediment Sampling, Biological Assessment, Impact Avoidance & Mitigation.

  2. Design: Coordinated with Design Team (Client, Port of St Helens & NorWest Engineering) to finalize Joint Permit Application with submittal packet to US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) and Columbia County.

  3. Biological Assessment for the In-Water Work to Remove & Replace Creosote of following: Retro-fitting Steel Piles of 16-24 inch diameter into the Columbia River and Pilings and Mitigation by Piling Removal.

  4. Permitting: Coordinated Pre-application Conferences & Communication with Local, State & Federal Agencies. Prepared Joint Permit Application. Addressed concerns of public & private respondents. Recommended Avoidance, Minimization & Mitigation of impacts, via Removal of Creosote Piles and implementation of Best Management Practices for Site Protection.

  5. Project Management: Currently responding to public comments and will oversee environmental protection measure implementation to be commenced November 2013 & completed February 2014.