Drinking Water

City of Girabaldi

Garibaldi, Oregon


EMS was hired to:

  1. Assist the City of Garibaldi to Develop an Effective Working Document for Ongoing Water System Planning.

  2. Provide a working document based on the 2004 water systems master plan, but which can be more useful in planning & updating water System requirements.

  3. Review existing conditions, documents and changes and 4. Prepare a document in Microsoft Word, Excel and other usable formats.


EMS performed site inspections and interviews with City staff. However, the bulk of our work has necessarily focused on analyzing the existing data complied by the City as it relates to the water system, production and use. This focus was needed to establish a reliable baseline of information, particularly in light of potential requests for additional connections from Watseco-Barview water system and inevitable commercial growth in the Garibaldi Marina area.

EMS met with staff several times and discussed the need to collect pertinent information to flush out the working documents. We also toured the well house with pumping & chemical additive stations and performed a site reconnaissance of the reservoirs. Comments were forwarded regarding some casual observations, but no in-depth inspection was intended or performed at that time. Data from City records has been reviewed, charted and corrected. More current maps, aerial photographs and diagrams have been prepared, where such documents were readily available.