Clackamas County

Canby, Oregon


Proposed purchase of a parcel for the County Sheriff’s River Safety Boat Launch in Canby, OR. The site is along the Willamette River, bounded on one side by Hwy 99E and bisected by the AMTRACK railroad.

EMS performed ESA-1 & 2 investigations, and sampling and testing of building materials and soil. The site had been used for industrial purposes related to rail and boat operations and then was left unsupervised for many years. Promiscuous dump sites were found on the site and on the adjoining property to the south. There are no gates to prevent unauthorized entry, allowing dumping to continue. EMS found a buried dump site characterized by layers of discolored and malodorous soil with of visqueen between those layers. Sampling & laboratory testing revealed petroleum contaminated soils in test pits and a smaller amount in close proximity to an abandoned hydraulic lift pit. Tests confirmed that the buried dumpsite had significant levels of petroleum hydrocarbons and metals characteristic of waste-fuel. Asbestos and lead-based paint were found on the exterior of the building and on debris in various parcels.

EMS developed a preliminary estimate for costs to rehabilitate the property to usable levels. Costs include: traffic control, asbestos / lead based paint abatement, removal of the hydrocarbon contaminated soils, filling the excavated pit, removal of debris and demolition of the building. Clackamas County declined to purchase the property and EMS has advised the owners of their responsibility to take action on the contamination.