Water Intake

Port of St. Helens

Clatskanie, Oregon


Replacement of the existing well laterals with a water intake into the Columbia River. Existing well was found to have excessive Iron & Manganese, with extremely high costs to treat water for industrial processing purposes. Project scopes include, but are not limited to:

  1. Site Assessment: Site Reconnaissance, Aerial Photography, Biological Assessment, Wetland Avoidance, Archaeological Investigation, Review of Existing Facilities, and Cost Estimating.

  2. Design: Conceptual and Final Designs for the following: Retro-fitting a water intake with Directional Boring of a 16-inch pipe into the Columbia River, a Fish-Friendly Water Intake System with Automatic Cleaning Air-Burst System, and Pilings and Mitigation by Piling Removal.

  3. Permitting: Coordination with Federal and State Authorities and Addressing concerns of public & private respondents. Already have addressed the following issues: Minimization & Mitigation of impacts, Removal of Spoils, and implementation of Best Management Practices for Site Protection.

  4. Assisted Client in Publishing Bids, Reviewing Qualifications, and Selecting Contractor.

  5. Project management: Currently reviewing contractor submittals and will oversee implementation to be commenced November-December 2012