Onsite Wastewater Systems

Septic System Design:


Almost a third of all households in the United States use a septic system for wastewater disposal. Environmental Management Systems has provided clients with professional wastewater treatment system designs since 1997 and has provided designs for projects that range from small single-family residences to mobile home parks, churches, youth camps, restaurants, schools, and sub-divisions. Our professionals can and will help you overcome the challenges of a difficult site, maintain compliance with environmental regulations and enhance the value of your land.


Septic System Inspection / Existing System Evaluation:


Banks and other lending institutions frequently require inspections upon property transfer to demonstrate due diligence. Our wastewater professionals are standing by to help locate and evaluate your existing septic system. We can provide inspections of the tank(s), treatment system and drainfield and then provide you with a system evaluation report and “as-built” drawings.


Septic System Operation, Monitoring & Maintenance:

Whether you have a standard system, sand filter, gravel filter or advanced treatment technology, our certified DEQ maintenance providers can keep your septic system running in top form while meeting your permit requirements.

Does your septic permit require an operations & maintenance manual? Our staff of professionals can inspect & evaluate your system and prepare an operation & maintenance manual acceptable by the Department of Environmental Quality.


Septic System Troubleshooting & Repair:

Septic systems will last longer when they are regularly maintained. If your septic system has been out of sight and mind, it may not be working as designed. Perhaps water is surfacing in your drainfield or alarms have been sounding that indicate a problem with your treatment system or tanks. Environmental Management Systems’ staff of trained professionals can quickly locate problems and offer solutions.


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